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Please read over our policy concerning Covid-19

Miranda Stabler Photography’s top priority during this pandemic is my client’s health and safety. CDC guidelines will be followed. A mask will be worn in all indoor shoots, and when in close range during outdoor shoots. That being said, I cannot keep others safe if I am put at risk. Please read the following list to understand the new policy.

  • If there is a person who has tested positive within 10 days and will be present at the shoot, I will reschedule.

  • If I am showing symptoms or feeling ill, I will reschedule or cancel.

  • If there is anyone showing symptoms or feels ill that will be present at the shoot, I will reschedule.

  • If I show up to the shoot and I feel there is a risk of me or others contracting an illness, I will leave and reschedule.

  • A limit on the number of people attending shoots will be put in place. For weddings or events, I will have those not being photographed or filmed keep their distance.

  • I will cancel or reschedule if I feel the CDC guidelines are not being followed.


For most of these instances when the shoot has to be rescheduled, I will not charge you a rescheduling fee. If you are breaking the CDC guidelines and your city’s restrictions, a rescheduling fee may be charged.


Here are some ways to ensure your shoot goes smoothly and will not have to be rescheduled last minute:

  1. Let me know if you or those attending are showing symptoms or feeling ill, I will be more than happy to work with your schedule to find another date.

  2. For a big event/date, get Covid tested as close to the shoot date as possible.

  3. Wear a mask when not being photographed.

  4. Avoid touching your face and surfaces around you.

  5. Keep at least 6 feet between you and the photographer

  6. Keep the number of people attending a photographed event to a minimum, following the restrictions in your area.

Thank you for your business and understanding during this crazy time!

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