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An Escape

When the world around me is chaos and stress is always present, capturing that perfect picture is the best escape.

This picture above for example, it is so satisfying to me. The light shining through on the left, making the leaves glow and guide your eyes to the right side of the picture. A warm orange glow making you feel cozy and at peace. As if it is saying, "come in, stay a while, you are welcome",

I took this picture in my laundry room at sunset. It had been a very long day this day, I spent four hours shampooing my living room carpet and I was tired and my back was killing me. I was needing my escape, my happy place. I picked up my camera and wanted to see what I could capture.

I switched out my ivy plant for some fresh flowers I had in a vase. The feeling I get when I look at this picture is 'Clean, crisp linen'. It is as if the flowers are blowing in the wind to dry after getting washed and are now spotless. The warm glow of the sun is making it irresistible for them not to stretch tall and soak it all up.

Now, I am not saying these are the most amazing photos ever taken. However, the escape I get when I take a picture and can tell a story through it, it is so amazing. When I can just forget the worries of the world for a few moments and focus on creating art, capturing something beautiful for me (and hopefully others) to enjoy, I am happy.

Photography is my therapy, my story, and my escape.

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