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Mountain Memories

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Give me a camera, some hiking shoes, a mountain and I'm a happy girl.

Growing up in Lubbock, TX made me appreciate mountains and hiking even more. Instead of the smell of dirt or cows, the mountain air was pure with the smell of pine. Some of the earliest memories I have is hiking in New Mexico with my parents and grandparents. We would go there maybe once a year and always stay in the same cabin and hike the same trails. There were wild strawberries growing everywhere and I would always pick them and eat them along the way. I remember seeing trees with bear fur and claw marks. I was probably 4 or 5 then and that is the most I remember from that place in New Mexico.

As I got older our family vacations would be to places like Ruidoso and Angel Fire in New Mexico. We could go on longer hikes and I would be able to appreciate them way more.

One time we went on a horseback hike through Ruidoso and that was very special. My childhood obsession of horses and mountains came together lol.

OHHHH but then we went to Alaska. Nothing could prepare me for that amount of beauty. I was mesmerized. So much green in the trees, so much blue in the water. Bald eagles, whales, glaciers, oh my. This was when I was in high school and getting very passionate about photography. I hadn't made my big purchase of my DSLR yet and did most of my pictures on my phone. I want to go back so bad and use my professional camera because the iphone camera doesn't do the beauty justice. But I'll show you them anyway.

I promise is was 100x more beautiful in person.

So hopefully you know how strong my love for the mountains is now. I even have some mountains tattooed on my foot (ouch), but yeah obsessed much? With my knowledge and love of photography even stronger now I can't wait to capture more mountain pictures. My goal is that National Geographic will like even notice me one day.

Thank you for reading, now go take a hike. No really, take a hike.

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