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Photo Bucket List

There are so many great pictures just waiting to be captured. Over the years I have day dreamed about all the moments I would love to take pictures of and moments I want to experience.. Heres my photo bucket list. As time passes and I check something off of my list, I will update this post with an 'I did it!' and the picture I took. I will also add to this list new things I want to experience.

  • An elephant. Preferably a wild one in its habitat but I know that may be far fetched. So my next best choice would be one in an ethical sanctuary.

  • A bald eagle in Alaska. Now, I have been to Alaska and seen many bald eagles there, but I did not get a beautiful picture of one.

  • A whale in Alaska. Same goes for these in Alaska, seen several there but did not capture it.

  • The first seconds of a mother holding her newborn child. I would love to be able to capture the joy and love of a mother holding her child for the very first time. Being able to freeze that moment in time for the mother and baby would be surreal.

  • The Cherry Blossom trees in Japan.

  • Astrophotography. I want to be able to master taking pictures of the night sky, being able to see the stars and milky way.

  • Be in National Geographic. This would be such an honor to me. Just being able to have any of my photographs featured in the magazine, website, or even Instagram would be such a proud moment to me.

  • Machu Picchu. The Incan city surrounded by the Andes Mountains in Peru.

  • A celebrity. Getting enough credibility that an important celebrity trusts me to photograph them would be amazing.

  • Capture a photograph for a fashion magazine. I would love to let my creativity run wild and create an edgy and bold image that is featured in a fashion magazine.

  • Underwater photography. I would love to be able to do this at least once.

  • Have a gallery showing. Have people come see my photographs blown up and fill different rooms with all the different photos I've taken.

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