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Who is behind the camera?

This post is all about me, your photographer. Read on to get to know a little about me.

I'm Miranda Stabler. If you are reading this, hopefully you have some interest in my work. I'm a 22 year old trying to make it in this world and add some beauty with my photography.

Photography has been a love in my life for over 10 years. This first camera I ever used was my dad's old Canon that used film. I remember I would take pictures of my parents, pets, little sister, and just about anything I could find. I would love going to CVS to have the film developed but always have some disappointment because 90% of the pictures were out of focus or just bad. Amateur. Then I got a bright orange digital Canon camera for my 12th birthday. It was only 10 megapixels and the screen was so small. But I brought that thing with me everywhere.

Then in high school I really got into photography. I was able to tell what would make a good picture, the composition, lighting, and angles. I could tell how I wanted to take the picture before even turning my camera on. I practiced on my friends and shot landscape pictures and just used an editing app on my phone for years.

I didn't pursue photography in college because I figured I wouldn't be able to make a career out of it, it would only be a hobby. I studied psychology and planned to work with special needs children and young adults. But then I realized just how much joy and creativity photography brought me. In the future, I would still like to work with special needs children, incorporating both of my passions into my life. I moved from Lubbock, the town I grew up in, to Amarillo for my husband to go to Pharmacy school.

Starting my own business has been very challenging. There are many days where I want to give up. However, whenever I pick up my camera and take some great pictures then spend hours editing, I forget all those negative thoughts.

I can see myself being one of those old ladies who wears overalls, has my grey hair in long braids, owns four dogs, and still be so passionate about photography. I hope you can be apart of my journey.

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